Need a New Roof?

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The roof of your home is one its most important structural components. It acts like a coat of armor that protects your occupants and belongings from the elements. Having a strong, sturdy roof overhead offers an invaluable comfort that you deserve to have. Maintaining a structurally sound, weather-tight covering that continues to meet your aesthetic and performance needs year after year starts with our residential roofing company in Jacksonville, FL.

When you turn to Poe Construction and Roofing for a new roof installation, we'll do a thorough roof inspection to determine the best repair solution. If your insurance covers a new roof installation, we'll work with them throughout the process to make sure your claim is handled correctly.

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Learn More About Our Inspection Process

During your free roof inspection, Poe Construction and Roofing in Jacksonville, FL will look for a few common signs that may suggest a roof replacement is called for.
We'll look for:

  • Signs of wind damage
  • Signs of hail impact
  • Missing, creased, or worn shingles
  • Soft or weakened decking
  • Check the condition of your flashing and pipe boots
  • And many other areas of concern specific to your roofing system

If your asphalt roof is over 20 years old, it needs to be inspected. Contact Poe Construction and Roofing today to schedule your FREE Inspection with a State Licensed Roofing Contractor.